Torre Bisenzio Estate

Described as ‘Italy’s best-kept secret’, Umbria is a rural Italian idyll, a region of exceptional food and wine production, rolling green hills and traditional villages. Here, days slow down; a life of good food and quality time with friends and family that has hardly changed in 500 years.

It was this authenticity and character that inspired the owners to invest in Torre Bisenzio. A run-down former farming estate infused with Umbrian charm and tradition, over the years, it has regained its place in the region as a working organic farm. 

The estate is dedicated to preserving the historic indigenous Chianina. The white cattle that dot the fields are an ancient breed, raised in Tuscany, Umbria and Lazio for over 2000 years. Chiannia beef is famed for its quality and nutritional value and is used to make the famous bistecca alle fiorentina premium steaks. Torre Bisenzio has been instrumental in increasing the population of the Chiannia cattle in the area, and now boasts a 125-strong herd roaming the farm.

With 650 olive trees, a hectare of vines and 450 hectares of land, the estate also produces organic vegetables, red and white wines, a fragrant, high quality olive oil and a deep red saffron.

Guests can explore the heart of Italy without leaving the estate, spending hours wandering the olive groves and vineyards or visiting the farm and their wine production. Easy white tracks crisscross through the fields; a gentle walk through Umbria’s rural heritage.


Torre Bisenzio Rare Breeds

Chianina is an Italian breed of beef cattle and is one of the oldest in the world.  The famous bistecca alla fiorentina is produced from its meat.

Organic Farming

Organic Farming

The estate produces its own organic vegetables and herbs, wine from its young hectare of vineyard and even very fragrant and intensely red high quality saffron

Torre Bisenzio Olive Grove

Olive Groves

The estate produces its own olive oil from 650 olive trees.