Our Produce

Dedicated to high quality, organic produce, Torre Bisenzio farms its own organic vegetables and herbs, olive oil from 650 olive trees, wine from its 3 hectares of vineyard and even very fragrant and intensely red high quality saffron. In addition, La Torre and Casa Bassa have their own organic vegetable gardens for the use of guests, a chance to experience a true taste of Umbria.


Red Wine - Il Pugnalone

Il Pugnalone is a local red wine with a rich, smooth finish from a blend of 50% Sangiovese and 50% of Merlot, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. Best decanted for an hour or two prior to serving.



€ 10 per bottle


Red Wine - Sangiovese

This 100% Sangiovese red is best drunk relatively young, when its fruity flavours really come to the fore.





€ 15 per bottle

White Wine - Bianco Bisenzio

White Wine - Bianco Bisenzio

A blend of Sauvignon Blanc and Grechetto, a grape variety grown almost exclusively in Umbria. The blend creates a bright, fresh taste – perfect for long lazy summer days.



€ 8 per bottle


Olive Oil

The olive oil produced is exclusively from the olive trees on the estate. Only available cold-pressed, it has a spicy, peppery flavour – the perfect accompaniment to local specialty breads prepared fresh by nearby village bakeries.






€ 10.00 per bottle (750ml)



The estate produces a very small quantity but high quality of saffron.  In the middle ages, San Gimignano was a major producer of saffron.  However the tax regime and cheaper imports from France ended production.  However there has been a welcome revival of artisanal saffron cultivation in Italy.  Torre Bisenzio is part of the Citta della Pieve Consortium of Saffron growers.

N/A  currently not available



Chianina beef is one of the oldest cattle varieties, originally farmed in the area up to 2,000 years ago, yet increasingly rare today. Torre Bisenzio revived the production and breeding of this indigenous breed and, after 12 years, has a herd of 125 cows. Our organic meat is of exceptionally high quality.


Steaks - €25 per kg

Burgers - €15 per kg

Mince - €12 per kg