Spending a holiday in the vineyards: enchanted landscapes and sustainable locations

Umbria is slowly revealing the secrets of her magical beauty. Every corner of this fascinating place is characterized by warm colors and enveloping scents. So, why wouldn’t you take this opportunity to visit its unique natural beauty, stunning views and great wineries? For all those who love good wine, good food and genuine hospitality, the rolling hills of Umbria, far away from the hectic everyday life, are the ideal location to experience a relaxing holiday. Nothing is missing in Umbria, even in winter time. Lovers of fine drinking can share our experience visiting the family vineyards and cellars and tasting our wines.

This is the ideal place to give yourself that well-earned timeout Walking through the vineyards brings you to meet passionate people, tasting their wines and the products of their land. Let them give you tips on their favorite stories and create your own Umbria itinerary from one stop to the next.

A holiday in Umbria is the best way to live in close contact with nature and leaves the feeling of having touched where life was born.
Get lost through picturesque natural landscapes, rolling hills, long rows of vineyards, olive groves, historic and characteristic villages and cities of art. Umbria is also a sustainable destination, perfect for a relaxing and truly delicious holiday.

Gourmands can dedicate themselves to the rediscovery of genuine and authentic tastes, savoring typical local products, dishes and local delicacies, accompanied by the best wines produced in the lands. Umbria will show you its beauty and tells, welcoming you with the warm and intense colors of a surprising Fall, the best time of year to enjoy the authentic Italian lifestyle.