I would like to thank you for the wonderful stay we had in Torre Bisenzio. We just returned home last week, but we still have great memories in our minds. We spent one week there celebrating my mother’s 50th birthday. Above all, I would like to congratulate you on creating such an extraordinary place. La Torre is absolutely exceptional – I have travelled a lot in different places around the world, but never been to such an estate. The location and views are breath-taking. You and your family must have put a lot of effort to restore the estate so well. To tell you the truth, one can feel that Torre is not a fully commercial place – I guess that you spend quite a lot of time there and take care of everything as you would do it in your home. Cynthia was very helpful and took care of us well. She is such a nice person and very reliable! I am looking forward to visiting Torre Bisenzio soon again.