Unmissable wine experiences to do in Italy

Placid tastings in the shade of cypress trees, the chance to harvest in the Italian countryside or to follow one of the Italian Wine Routes. These are just a few samples of the many experiences that Italy devotes to the sparkling world of wine.

Let us introduce you to a world made not only of delicious wine, but also of history, fabulous accommodations and moments of great relaxation and romance.

Vineyard experiences in Italy

Tastings or grape harvests are not the focus of the experience. Living the Italian dream, discover the world-class wines of Umbria, lesser-known but just as delicious as their Tuscan cousins, such as Sagrantino Montefalco DOCG or Montefalco Rosso. What if we told you that you could enjoy a day learning how our organic/biodynamic wines are made with indigenous grapes?

You will walk through our vineyards, where we will explain how we work with the soil and vines to sustain our organic/biodynamic certification and the difference that makes to the quality of the grapes. A tour of our new cantina will help you understand how we turn the grapes into wine and the variety of techniques we use including whole bunch fermentation and our amphora tanks. We will also explain how we use some techniques of precision viticulture technology. You will also get to see the magnificent views from the terrace, taste our wines (2 whites, 2 reds) and olive oil, accompanied by locally produced cheeses and cold cuts.

One of the most unusual wine-related experiences is the possibility of working out, instead of in the enclosed space of a gym, in the beauty of the rows of vines. Among the vineyards, there is the serenity of an environment where you can hear only the sounds of nature and the beauty of a panorama that you certainly do not see in everyday life.

There are options for all tastes, but the common denominator is always one: the possibility of staying in a location that has no equal. In Torre Bisenzio, with 175 hectares surrounding the two private villas, the only sounds are the wind in the olive groves and vineyards, offering you a unique experience in Italy.