Vacation in Umbria: wineries…and more!

Umbria is a true gem that many visitors appreciate more than the locals. It’s not hard to see why everybody loves this region of central Italy. The landscapes are breathtaking, and the region produces delightful red wines and extra virgin olive oil. Don’t miss out on the simple yet exquisite taste of bruschetta on the grill made with freshly pressed oil, accompanied by a tasty glass of vino rosso.

One of the highlights of Umbria is its rich history and delicious cuisine. Wine has been produced in the region for thousands of years, and wine tourism offers the perfect way to experience Umbria’s culture and traditions while enjoying some of the finest wines in the country.

Best things to do during your vacation in Umbria, Italy

The medieval-style city center of Gubbio boasts numerous churches and natural parks that are perfect for strolling. During the Christmas season, enjoy the sight of a giant luminous tree.

Springtime is the best time to visit the Trasimeno area, with the scent of blooming trees and bright sunshine that makes every boat sparkle in the water. Take a book and relax in one of the many green meadows near the lakes, which are filled with white poplar trees that create an evocative scene. In the same area, visit one of the most attractive villages in Italy, Panicale, or the natural spas of San Casciano, where you can relax in natural stone pools full of hot, sulphurous water surrounded by trees and complete peace and silence.

Assisi must be on your itinerary because of its stunning Basilica of San Francesco and many other sacred places of strong architectural and artistic interest. Norcia is a beautiful Umbrian city, famous for its delicious salami, that’s worth a visit. In early summer, don’t miss Pian Grande or Pian Perduto, where you can experience the stunning landscape filled with bright colors of blossoming flowers, poppies, daffodils, violets, and lentils, which are an amazing quality Umbrian product.

Orvieto boasts the majestic Cathedral or the legendary Pozzo di San Patrizio. Spend at least one day in this beautiful city. On the border of Tuscany and the Monte Rufeno National Park, you can experience the authentic charm of the rolling Umbrian countryside. In Torre Bisenzio, indulge in the finest parts of rural Italian life, including landscaped gardens, private heated pools, large well-equipped kitchens, and a seamless blend of history and authenticity with contemporary comfort and style. With 175 hectares surrounding the two private villas, you’ll have complete peace and quiet. The Estate has been carefully restored to return it to its place in the local community. Plus, you will have access to an organic farm, which produces red and white wines, olive oil, and fruits and vegetables.

It’s been a pleasure taking you through Umbria, and I hope you visit this beautiful region soon.